PAGE 179: “Spearmint”


PAGE 178: “Purple Bug”


PAGE 177: “Castration”


PAGE 176: “Brooding”


PAGE 175: “Red Essence”


PAGE 174: “We’re All Dragons”


PAGE 173: “Learn The Truth”


PAGE 172: “Drinking Contest”


PAGE 171: “Become Death”


PAGE 170: “Deathstalker”


PAGE 169: “MILF”


PAGE 168: “Huge Bitch”


PAGE 167: “Poop Gnome”


PAGE 166: “Grab Her By The…”


PAGE 165: “Hold Yer Booze”


PAGE 164: “Handlebars”


PAGE 163: “Tugging”

Puberty is that special time in a young dwarf's life where even more hair starts growing where there already was hair before.

PAGE 162: “You Bearded Slut”

Sex with dragons isn't normal, but on meth it is.

PAGE 161: “Where You Put It”

Cloaca: it's both a vagina AND an anus!

PAGE 160: “Bad Advice”

Cru gives Deserous a helpful relationship tip.

PAGE 159: “The New Boss”

Demons are freaky, and half-succubi are no less so.

PAGE 158: “Hating You”

Katharine follows Deserous into the darkness and heeds the whispers of the Old God N'Zoth

PAGE 157: “Escape Stratholme”

PAGE 156: “Black Smoke”

When Katharine gets angry, things get broken.

PAGE 155: “Hacky Sack”

Cool beans and laser beams.

PAGE 154: “Heartburn”

No amount of TUMS® is going to calm that heartburn.

PAGE 153: “The Black Messenger”

Deathwing's messenger brings an ultimatum for Stormwind, and a gift...

PAGE 152: “Blissfully Unaware”

If ignorance is bliss, then Cru is the happiest dwarf in Azeroth.

PAGE 151: “Altered Forms”

You show me yours and I'll show you mine.

PAGE 150: “Seduction”

Lora's shadow resistance isn't high enough to cause Katharine's seduction to fail.

PAGE 149: “Widow”

Roll, roll, roll in ze hay.

 PAGE 148: “Bad To Worse”

Horses also love Stegosauruses.

PAGE 147: “Dovahdork”

Rogues aren't the only ones who do it from behind.

PAGE 146: “Baby Bump”

Three at once? Cru has hit the jackpot. Too bad he's totally unaware they're dragons...

PAGE 145: “Snacking”

You put a dragon in a city and eventually someone is going to get eaten.

PAGE 144: “Pinch One Off”

I'll get the rubber gloves...

PAGE 143: “Lamentation”

Salandria regrets the choices she's made that have lead her down this path.

PAGE 142: “Do I Know You?”

Smooth, Cru.

PAGE 141: “Mood Swings”

Sapphira is feeling hormonal and frustrated.

PAGE 140: “Ball & Chain”

Something big, magical and it knows Cru by name. Who could this be...

PAGE 139: “Up In Smoke”

Xerostomia: Dryness in the mouth.

PAGE 138: “Pass Kentucky On The Left Hand Side”

How does it feel when you've got no food?

PAGE 137: “The Fourth Wall”

Because breaking the fourth wall is totally original and has never been done before.

PAGE 136: “Enter The Chin”

King Wrynn and his chin call for the evacuation of the city.

PAGE 135: “Za Warudo”

Nozdormu and Chromie intervene by halting time before things get out-of-control.

PAGE 134: “Cold As Ice”

Deserous encounters an old nemesis from his past life who doesn’t recognize him.

PAGE 133: “Fight Or Flight”

Things are looking bad for our heroes.

PAGE 132: “Exploding Axes”

Cru has an idea for a new engineering project.

PAGE 131: “The Taste Of Dissension”

Rend Blackhand is devoured by Chromallus and Deathwing teaches Salandria a lesson about obedience.

PAGE 130: “Fruition”

The time has come to release the monster that will herald the destruction of Azeroth.

PAGE 129: “Favorable Odds”

Anduin Lothar shows up just in time to tank the dragonspawn.

PAGE 128: “Group Etiquette”

If you see mobs spawning be sure to warn the rest of the group.

PAGE 127: “No Mere Warlock”

Deserous demonstrates his advanced knowledge of the arcane.

PAGE 126: “Sheeps Clothing”

Nevermind how Deserous got there, LOOK AT THE FREAKIN' DRAGON!

PAGE 125: “In The End”

Aedis Brom finally snaps on Christoph Faral after every adventure they recall ends in his misfortune.

PAGE 124: “Back And To The Left”

Donna's dolly meets a tragic end and William is traumatized.

PAGE 123: “Lucy In The Sky With Dragons”

I am the reconnaissance sniper. Ooooahhh...

PAGE 122: “All Choked Up”

Fun facts about death by hanging at the gallows.

PAGE 121: “Some Hostility”

Deserous explains how he met up with the former Scarlet Crusaders in the Plaguelands.

PAGE 120: “Shoot That Poison Arrow To My Voidheart”

The life-saving counter-balances the horrible pun.

PAGE 119: “We’ll Meet Again”

We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when, but I know we'll meet again some sunny day.

PAGE 118: “Hangman”

The public execution of Waltion Freemore begins.

PAGE 117: “Adieu”

High Inquisitor Whitemane abandons her iconic chapeau and abandons Scarlet Monastery.

PAGE 116: “Ashes To Ashes”

Balnazzar's corruption of the Scarlet Crusade has been exposed.

PAGE 115: “…And How To Swing It”

The exorcism of the dreadlord Balnazzar.

PAGE 114: “The Light”

Get on your knees, please, pray deep, and watch the reaper reap.

PAGE 113: “Mandatory Reform”

Uther has come to restore the Order of the Silver Hand.

PAGE 112: “Brown-Nosing”

While you're up there check for polyps.

PAGE 111: “Holy Ass Kicking”

Bless this thy holy boot that, with it, thou mayest kick sense into thine enemies.

PAGE 110: “Slobberchops”

Uther Lightbringer and Lora fight their way through the undead hordes toward the Scarlet Monastery.

PAGE 109: “Brain Freeze”

Cru's brain has performed an illegal operation and will now shut down.

PAGE 108: “Bedsheet Bump”

Even hanging from the ceiling? Impressive.

PAGE 107: “Wrinkled Prunes”

Considering the home Cru grew up in it's not surprising he is the way he is.

PAGE 106: “An Hour Later”

Wait... Chromie has already spoken with Haleh an hour from now?

PAGE 105: “Thaw His Balls”

Arthas returning? Yeah, like that will happen...

PAGE 104: “Family Matters”

A squabbling couple is as natural as the tides.

PAGE 103: “Proclaiming”

I would walk 500 miles.

PAGE 102: “A Light Snack”

About time someone did something about that annoying gnome.

PAGE 101: “Bow Chicka WoW-WoW”

Cru finds ignorance is bliss as he unwittingly knocks them dragon boots.

PAGE 100: “Wiggle My Fingers”

Sneaking up behind kodos leads to surprise colonoscopies.

PAGE 99: “Taking It To The Bedroom”

Time to take this party downstairs.

PAGE 98: “Hits The Spot”

I hate getting furbolg furballs.

PAGE 97: “Absolute Power”

Deathwing is downsizing and streamlining his work force.

PAGE 96: “Procreation, Not Recreation”

With the Blue Dragonflight low on their numbers Sapphira is expected to help boost their brood.

PAGE 95: “Choose A Mate”

Anyone else think of Animorphs?

PAGE 94: “Scare Tactics”

This calls for stronger methods of persuasion.

PAGE 93: “Flying Murlocs”

Cookie makes a reappearance as a permanent addition to the Booty Bay harbor statue.

PAGE 92: “Behold!”

Cru's boundless idiocy actually proves beneficial for once.

PAGE 91: “Blow Your Minds”

Children and those with heart conditions may want to leave the room before loading the next page.

PAGE 90: “Got No Jaw”

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes. I saw the sign.

PAGE 89: “Blue Hump”

Not going to lie, those little whelps are pretty hump-happy.

PAGE 88: “That’s What’s Neat”

Drakedog saves a Badlands crag coyote from a merciless gnome warrior.

PAGE 87: “Cold Everywhere”

It's nice to get out of the cold and into... more cold...

PAGE 86: “The Power Of Comedy”

Owlbeasts: half-bear, half-owl, half-deer.

PAGE 85: “Drakedog”

One warlock legend encounters another legendary warlock.

PAGE 84: “Instant Shrinkage”

Winterspring is cold you go through reverse-puberty.

PAGE 83: “Beam Me Up, Shorty”

Captain to bridge, four to beam up.

PAGE 82: “Important Boobs”

The ocean breathes thirsty, won't you carry it in?

PAGE 81: “The Haunting”

Who you gonna call? Lore Busters!

PAGE 80: “The Lion And The Lamb”

Uther Lightbringer and Anduin Lothar? *multiple loregasms*

PAGE 79: “Getting Jiggy With Jugette”

Does anyone even remember a Will Smith song reference from 1997?

PAGE 78: “Baby Talk”

It's as if Cru had never seen a gnome before.

PAGE 77: “Heavenly Hooters”

You're not dead, you're just an idiot.

PAGE 76: “The Death Of Scrabbles”

Poor Scrabbles didn't even see it coming.

PAGE 75: “Thrall’s Flashback”

Queue the flashback to Thrall's memory of Scrabbles and what Deserous did.

PAGE 74: “A Time To Die”

Lady Katrana Prestor gloats over Waltion Freemore's imprisonment and delights in his upcoming execution.

PAGE 73: “Big Brother Is Watching”

Nothing happens in Blackwing Lair that Deathwing is not aware of.

PAGE 72: “Lightning Strikes”

You just had to go and jinx it...

PAGE 71: “Into The Maelstrom”

It's not the perfect storm, but it's still pretty damn big.

PAGE 70: “Male Strum”

It's just a little storm...

PAGE 69: “Nothing Better To Do”

No, the Alliance really doesn't have anything better to do.

PAGE 68: “Chainsaw Hands”

Chainsaw hands sounds like something Cru would be interesting in building.

PAGE 67: “No Escaping Thrall”

What crimes against the Horde has Deserous committed to enrage Thrall?

PAGE 66: “A Tender Moment”

Deserous and Lora share a touching moment. Well, Lora does, Deserous remains indifferent.

PAGE 65: “Sunbathing”

Lora should have waited to give Deserous the bribe payment until after it was safe to get nude around Cru.

PAGE 64: “Flying Pink Manta Rays”

Looks like some of that hallucinogenic toad venom is still floating around in Cru's system.

PAGE 63: “Dirigiblimps”

Dwarves have trouble pronouncing difficult words like

PAGE 62: “One-Liners”

When Cru tries his hand at snappy one-liners he ends up failing miserably.

PAGE 61: “A Convincing Disguise”

You've got to admit the resemblance is uncanny.

PAGE 60: “Grand Theft Zeppelin”

If you hear voices in your head it might be time to fumigate.

PAGE 59: “Those Who Disobey”

With Nefarian dead and his head mounted Deathwing now commands Rend Blackhand's Dark Horde.

PAGE 58: “Party Fresh Pump”

A dirty trick indeed.

PAGE 57: “The Other Goes Bang”

It would be a shame for that boiled dwarf to go to waste.

PAGE 56: “Juggy Love”

Cru's hallucination is interrupted by a messenger who brings a warning as well as salvation.

PAGE 55: “Love The Cohk”

There's nothing women like more than a big, fat Cohk.

PAGE 54: “Where There’s Smoke”

Wherever there's smoke, there's fire. Wherever there's fire, there's a good chance Cru started it.

PAGE 53: “Super Sayin’ Cru”

Powering up with ridiculously long beard hair has its risks.

PAGE 52: “Your Hot Daughter”

Sweet revenge, the bitter end.

PAGE 51: “That Fishy Smell”

When you're in the deep woods you can't beat OFF!

PAGE 50: “The Taste Of Purple”

We're going on a trip!

PAGE 49: “Jaws”

Jaws movie references are still topical.

PAGE 48: “DM Run Plz”

Suicide by decapitation; a tragedy we see all too often.

PAGE 47: “In Deep Spit”

Don't /spit on Pathonia Shaw.

PAGE 46: “Nut Punch”

Those probably aren't dolphins waiting to help them swim to shore.

PAGE 45: “No Turning Back”

With guards swarming the Defias ship Freewall emerges to hold back the Stormwind soldiers so Cru's party can escape the Deadmines.

PAGE 44: “Fel To The Core”

Don't try retrofitting a paper toy zeppelin with a radioactive Fel Reaver power core at home, kids.

PAGE 43: “Firin’ Mah Boomstick”


PAGE 42: “This Is My Boomstick”

Cru gets his revenge on Cookie and finds more ammunition for his BFC.

PAGE 41: “Right To A Fair Trial”

Cru busts out the BFC-3000, which means things are about to get real.

PAGE 40: “When Diplomacy Fails”

Setting fire to people counts as a diplomatic measure for peace.

PAGE 39: “Let It All Hang Out”

Food goes in stomach. Stomach hangs over belt. Remove belt to fit more food inside.

PAGE 38: “In A Bad Mood”

Deserous reaches a new level of freaky. Tentacles with eyes and teeth? That's some Hellsing shiz right there.

PAGE 37: “Say My Name”

You just hit the button that makes Deserous go crazy.

PAGE 36: “Can’t Be Real”

Deserous accepts the dark pact to save Katharine's life.

PAGE 35: “Two Halves”

Deserous is transported back to the Culling of Stratholme.

PAGE 34: “Warlock Angst”

The story of Deserous unfolds as the mysterious gnoll peers into his crystal ball.

PAGE 33: “Satisfy Any Needs”

It's not going where you might think it's going...

PAGE 32: “A Boot In Their Ass”

Featuring WoW's favorite (and only) gender-ambiguous murloc cook: Cookie!

PAGE 31: “High As A Kite”

Deserous discovers a fortune teller lurking in the bowels of the ship who reeks of burnt skunk. Gnome death knights? Ridiculous!

PAGE 30: “Humpa Lumpa”

Eyeballs are fun, so run outside, chase down the first person you see and take theirs.

PAGE 29: “Love To See You Smile”

McDeserous' - Still contains less human than that other restaurant chain.

PAGE 28: “She Slipped!”

Oh Deserous, you lovable scamp! He's like a sociopathic Dennis the Menace.

PAGE 27: “I Dream of Murder”

Deserous is not fond of sunny, pleasant dispositions.

PAGE 26: “New World Order”

When Deathwing doesn't get his way, bodies start dropping - Even his offspring aren't safe from his rage.

PAGE 25: “Chicago Burns”

Cru is like Catherine O'Leary's cow starting the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

PAGE 24: “You Can’t Do That?”

Anime schoolgirls beware the shadow tentacles.

PAGE 23: “To Kill A Peon”

Alliance jerky: Not jerky for the Alliance, jerky made from the Alliance!

PAGE 22: “I Choose You”

Pokemon jokes are totally original and have never done before.

PAGE 21: “We Can Stay Like This”

Introducing the Forsaken warlock Deserous! Not to be confused with that other undead warlock Richard from Looking For Group.

PAGE 20: “Have Fun Being Poor”

Cru demands to travel in luxury and style, preferably while being carried to his destination.

PAGE 19: “Remember These?”

Big Bo Peep has lost his sheep!

PAGE 18: “Cataclysm”

Unconscious after being hit in the gut by an arrow, Cru has a vision of what's to come; the return of the black dragon aspect Deathwing, formerly known as Neltharion the Earth-Warder

PAGE 17: “My Heart Will Go On”

Near, far, wherever you are. I believe that the heart does go on...

PAGE 16: “A Thick Skull”

What good is having a large brain if your skull is so thin an arrow can penetrate it?

PAGE 15: “Water Balloons”

Combine attack squirrels, a dwarf, a cooking fire and a naked elf bathing in a lake and you've got a recipe for comedy.

PAGE 14: “Stew For You”

Soup is good food. You made a good meal.

PAGE 13: “Peeping Cru”

Never get undressed and bathe in the open when you're in the company of a pervy little dwarf.

PAGE 12: “Powerful And Cunning”

Cru supposedly sets fire to the strip club in order to cover his escape. He's either very, very dangerous or very, very stupid.

PAGE 11: “Attica!”

When in doubt, bust a window out. Also try to inadvertently set a fire in the process.

PAGE 10: “I Crave Attention”

When you've got a big, purple, knobbly secret weapon Tauren-sized then you have nothing to fear but fear itself.

PAGE 09: “Moonkin Toast”

Behold Cru the dwarf: The most dangerous and deviant mind in all of Azeroth... Who can't even remember the name of his healer.

PAGE 08: “Dwarven Hand Cannon”

Cru makes an entrance and scars everyone for life, including the reader. THE PIXELS! THEY DO NOTHING!

PAGE 07: “Big Bo Peep”

You don't want to know. Just bury those questioning thoughts deep inside and never let them out.

PAGE 06: “Name It After Me”

When exploring raid dungeons always bring along protection, preferably a feral druid or paladin. If you don't spec protection you're gonna have a bad time.

PAGE 05: “Blow Chunks”

Disco is back, and thanks to very poor disco lighting Cru ends up with a mouthful of ashes. A valuable lesson has been learned: Look before you drink.

PAGE 04: “Methods Of Persuasion”

Lora uses her female

PAGE 03: “Da Krunk”

The Lion's Pride Inn in Goldshire has been converted to a strip club and Cru could not be happier. That is, until he gets punched in the face by the ogre bouncer

PAGE 02: “Only A Pirate Hat”

Cru shares how he learned not to drink expired alcohol and go on a drunken rampage through a petting zoo.

PAGE 01: “Our Story Begins”

After blowing up Karazhan (and all of the surrounding Deadwind Pass) our heroes have been labeled as rogue enemies of Stormwind. With a bounty on their heads Cru and Lora must now travel in disguise; searching for a way to restore their good standing with the Alliance while avoiding capture.


Cru and his healer Lora try to enter Karazhan only to find Cru has lost his key. Being quick to improvise, Cru busts out the Big F'ing Cannon and turns a large chunk of the Eastern Kingdoms into a smoking crater.


Even allies can turn against you – Especially when those allies are honor-sponging PVP bots!