Echoes Through Time – Page 136: “Enter The Chin”

King Wrynn and his chin call for the evacuation of the city.

King Varian Wrynn and his chin call for the evacuation of the city.

Just your typical story explanation & recap page with a cliffhanger ending to get everyone up to speed. I went a bit crazy on the visuals but you demand nothing but the best from me and I bend over backward to bloom for you (in a strictly platonic Photoshop way).

4 responses to “Echoes Through Time – Page 136: “Enter The Chin”

  1. When you started this wasn’t it on the bc timeline. Since they just defeated Prestor and you made reference to Anduin the boy king when did Varian get back?


    • Anduin Lothar, the boy king’s namesake, and Uther Lightbringer have been brought back through time at the moment just before their deaths by the Bronze Dragonflight to gather and lead an army against Deathwing and the forces of Blackrock Mountain, which they had both fought against during the Second War. Having recovered a fraction of the combined powers of the dragon aspects through reforging the black scale of Deathwing that Rhonin used to destroy the Demon Soul (an artifact stolen from Dalaran by Salandria with the help of Dornaa) into a sword, the Demon Edge, Deathwing is invulnerable to even Nozdormu’s powers and as such his thread of fate cannot be altered by the Bronze until he no longer wields the blade or it is destroyed.

      The comic is following an alternate but similar timeline, and it’s as of yet unknown how long the party was away after they were transported to the Infinite Archives on page 78 as the passage of time within the library is not the same as that outside. It’s all wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff that only Bronze dragons fully understand.


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