Echoes Through Time – Page 26: “New World Order”

When Deathwing doesn't get his way, bodies start dropping - Even his offspring aren't safe from his rage.

When Deathwing is so much as disappointed, bodies start dropping – Even those of his offspring.

Salandria! GASP! Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Who would have thought a sweet, innocent orphan girl would grow up to aid Deathwing in the destruction of Azeroth? And she wouldn’t have had the interest in the powers of the Naaru M’uru or an obsession with dragons if it wasn’t for YOU taking her around sightseeing. Happy now that you’ve doomed Azeroth? I certainly hope so.

For those of you (the Horde) who have participated in Children’s Week and have escorted Salandria around you’ll be familiar with the odd happenings involved with this disturbing child. However, if you haven’t then look her up on a WoW site such as or and get a general idea of why Salandria is “special”.

Any of you WoW lore nerds who get the back story of the Demon Soul, Rhonin and the rest of it will appreciate this more fully. Those of you who have no clue what all that noise is about, just trust that it’s deep and move on to the funny pages.

Lore, LOL!


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