Echoes Through Time – Page 139: “Up In Smoke”

Xerostomia: Dryness in the mouth.

Xerostomia: Dryness of the mouth.

The next time you’re shopping the auction house and are confused about what might be an upgrade or not, just buy the most expensive piece of equipment.

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them…


6 responses to “Echoes Through Time – Page 139: “Up In Smoke”

    • Even greater than Flintlocke’s Guide to Azeroth? No… Cru never got an in-game mention like Flintlocke did. Then again Flintlocke was hosted by GameSpy, but where’s GameSpy now? Mostly DEAD, but I’m still kicking!


      • Even so, the creator of Flintlocke was hired by Blizzard. And who cares about a squirrel shooting gun when you have a comic with squirrels that set a dwarfs beard on fire and tries to eat him?
        Also Lora, nuff said.


        • And then runs into a lake screaming and emerges with an elf booby hat. Ah yes, squirrel stew and the resulting revenge of the surviving woodland critters. They’re a couple of my better pages.


          • One of the better for now. As you’re back now, I expect plenty more goodies to come! Cru never disappoints.


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