Echoes Through Time – Page 151: “Altered Forms”

You show me yours and I'll show you mine.

You show me yours and I’ll show you mine.

This page title is not to be confused with the Bush song Altered States or the SEGA game Altered Beast.

Lora, enthralled by Katharine’s seduction spell, is lured upstairs to the private chambers of her half-succubus hostess. With her natural affinity for magic, Katharine soon discovers and lifts the spell of binding that conceals Lora’s full breast size. Not only does Lora let it all hang out but so too does Katharine as she reveals her own shape-changing abilities to the druid.

Looks like tonight is right for love in Stormwind.

22 responses to “Echoes Through Time – Page 151: “Altered Forms”

  1. Lora is in for a “hard time”…
    Now i’m just expecting her to be half succubus herself when she gets out and ends up exploding Cru’s brain.


    • I had done a commissioned image of a futa draenei and Lora for someone at my Darknest fan service archive that I’ve linked to on this site. Also a mini comic of Malum and Lora. It’s not exactly Katharine and Lora, but still the same… “subject matter”.


  2. Well Lora is pretty much amazing. It would be awesome in the future comics if more things UN-did her bust spell, like if there were magical imbalances or she got very tired.


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