Echoes Through Time – Page 143: “Lamentation”

Salandria regrets the choices she's made that have lead her down this path.

Salandria regrets the choices she’s made that have lead her down this path.

Having not made an appearance since page 131 (where co-conspirator Rend Blackhand was devoured by Chromallus, Deathwing’s pet monster created by goblin engineers) we return to Blackrock Mountain where Salandria (Yes, the same Blood Elf orphan that Hordies helped out during Children’s Week) is talking to her beloved childhood toy “Draco” – The same wooden dragon that you bought for her as a little girl in the Caverns of Time.

Salandria realizes only too late that things have gone out-of-control and she’s in way over her head as she discovers Deathwing has been driven insane by not only the whispers of the Old Gods, but also with power and ambition; now possessing the black dragonscale gemstone stolen by Salandria from Rhonin’s collection of magical artifacts, the same gemstone which was used to destroy the Demon Soul. Driven deeper into madness by the dark whispers of the Old Gods now intensified by the black gemstone, Deathwing has become a ranting, paranoid lunatic; often arguing with the unseen forces that haunt his troubled mind.

7 responses to “Echoes Through Time – Page 143: “Lamentation”

  1. Always been a bit curious to what the dragons were so afraid of when they saw her future. So it’s nice to see someone try make a story about her.
    Until Cru appears and wipes out every dragon on Azeroth by accident because he thought playing with a gemstone would be fun.


      • They have a lot of cliffhangers like that sadly. Think they just really enjoy making short stories, then leaving the player to figure out the rest. Bothers me quite a bit, but hey if you can make something out of it, nothing is better.


        • I’m trying to make something out of it with this comic because I hate what a cock tease Blizzard is with those dead ends. I need closure, even if I have to write and illustrate it myself!


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