Echoes Through Time – Page 160: “Bad Advice”

Cru gives Deserous relationship advice.

Cru is a wealth of knowledge.

After some hardware issues which turned into even more issues, Cru the Dwarf is back and dwarfier than ever! Now that Deserous and Katharine have had their reunion and we’re up-to-date with that backstory, it’s time to return to the comic namesake and drink deeply from his well of wisdom regarding women. I can’t advise that you follow his relationship advice, especially if your woman is a dragon with a history of eating critters and people. Cru, however, remains oblivious to the fact he’s courting a dragoness.


15 responses to “Echoes Through Time – Page 160: “Bad Advice”

  1. Deserous the angsty warlock sounds like a very depressing comic, but hey id read it.
    In Cru’s defense, those dragons did very much look like elves. Usually dragon have some visible things showing, like… Gigantic wings and big teeth.


  2. Yes, Cru has his basic theory down pat, especially since he is effectively taming both at the same time. 🙂 Just make sure those are magically size adjusting collars there, Cru 😛

    So, is Lora Malum’s mare? Katherines bitch? At least walking funny this morning and wondering why? Will there be another page soon(ish)? Questions, questions, questions…

    No, World of Warcraft “Soon” is not an answer… 😛


    • That whole night of seduction thing will be addressed soon when Katharine and Lora have some time together after Lora is tasked with healing Awbee and Kath offers the use of her home as a shelter. In that scene Lora will also reveal some back story regarding how her and Cru became unlikely adventuring partners.


    • New page coming in the next few days. Between being busy with real world responsibilities and suffering some computer problems that I’m only now getting resolved my comic and commissions have suffered a delay.


    • I’m still here, I’ve just been extra busy IRL and suffered some computer problems, like my hard drive I use for storage of my WOW data files dying and my graphics card about ready to do the same. I’ve got a new drive and the data from the old one transferred, but the video card replacement will have to wait until later this year unless it completely dies before then.


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