Echoes Through Time – Page 148: “Bad To Worse”

Horses also love Stegosauruses.

Horses also love Stegosauruses.

Tasked with taking the unconscious Lora to safety at his old lab in Stormwind, Deserous’ dreadsteed Malum (who has a noted fetish for elves) has apparently managed to dress the passed-out Lora in a scanty evening gown; having what appears to be ulterior plans for the unfortunate night elf as she awakens amongst several skeletons with shattered pelvises.

Yes folks, there may be many WoW comics out there, but only here at Cru the Dwarf will you find humor as high-brow as a Catherine the Great bestiality reference & horse boner jokes. That’s the kind of quality I promise to you, the viewer.

14 responses to “Echoes Through Time – Page 148: “Bad To Worse”

  1. Cru, you never disappoint ever in your comics.
    What’s the worst a horse can do to a night elf anyway?
    My only question is how the hell he managed to dress her..


    • I imagine by awkwardly biting at the buttons, ties and other fastening bits. It would be easier to just bite a hole in the crotch of the pants and go at it, but I guess Malum wants this to be special because he’s a romantic at heart.


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