Echoes Through Time – Page 167: “Poop Gnome”


I’m the little gnome that’s in your dreams. – Beastie Boys “Remote Control”

Looks like the gnome that Malum passed on page 144 has survived his ordeal and still desires a dungeon run. Lora, being left behind as everyone else wanders off to their own side adventures, has decided to do a bit of charity work and run the lowbie through a dungeon. Let’s see how this goes…

After accidentally deleting the WoW installation I used for WoW Model Viewer it seems the latest MV alpha release for Legion is working enough that I can return to making the comic. Woot!

Echoes Through Time – Page 165: “Hold Yer Booze”


Cru’s father Bru drags his son off to the nearest Stormwind speakeasy with Sapphira tailing closely behind. Hopefully a slightly (or seriously) inebriated state will help this dysfunctional family come together and reach mutual understanding. What happens when you combine booze with a dragon and two dwarfs? Who knows – try theorycrafting Cru’s obscure mind and come up with something of your own!


Echoes Through Time – Page 162: “You Bearded Slut”

Sex with dragons isn't normal, but on meth it is.

Sex with dragons isn’t normal, but on meth it is.

Has Cru’s lippy father made an appearance after his long absence since last being seen way back on page 107 “Wrinkled Prunes”? Probably. Imagine the confrontation between a pissed-off dwarf father and son. Now discard that, because it’s going to be worse – like Azeroth’s own Jerry Springer.

Echoes Through Time – Page 161: “Where You Put It”

Cloaca: it's both a vagina AND an anus!

Cloaca: it’s both a vagina AND an anus!

The jabs about Cru’s ignorance of Sapphira’s true form keep rolling from page 160 in this latest installment of Cru the Dwarf.

Sorry that this comic update is about a month overdue. In addition to real world responsibilities keeping me busy, my video card continues to give me trouble off-and-on, and to make matters worse the hard drive I use for storing data (like the various WoW installations I use for comic creation) died on me. She served me well for about 6 years of constantly running but I knew this day was coming soon after running some SMART tests a few months back. I bought a replacement drive and luckily I had the old one backed up with a disk image, so I didn’t lose anything and the transition was somewhat simple.

Now all I have to do is replace my video card and I should be set until I can upgrade the rest of my PC with newer, faster hardware since she’s going on about five years of age now.