Echoes Through Time – Page 141: “Mood Swings”

Sapphira is feeling hormonal and frustrated.

Hormonal, frustrated and quick-tempered; a dangerous combination in a giant lizard.

The temperamental, hormone-fluctuating wonders of motherhood have left Sapphira, Cru’s estranged (and unknown to him) dragoness taker of his v-card, feeling wanting since her bearded snuggle bunny has been away. Accompanied by her personal guardians Ninka (left) and Karba (right) the newly-appointed Ambassador to the Blue Dragonflight arrives in Stormwind demanding the D – D for dwarf, that is.

3 responses to “Echoes Through Time – Page 141: “Mood Swings”

  1. All that blue reminds me of Frozen, half expected her to sing, “Do you want to screw a short man.” (to the tune of Do you want to build a snow man.

    [This comic has now gone 0 days without someone singing a song from Frozen.)


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