Echoes Through Time – Page 154: “Heartburn”

No amount of TUMS® is going to calm that heartburn.

No amount of TUMS® is going to calm that heartburn.

Awbee’s torture has been avenged as Deserous unexpectedly teleports in behind the dark messenger (as he is oft one to do), plunges his hand into her back, through her rib cage and clutches her still-beating heart in his claws while delivering a pun. Damn, Deserous! You so cray-cray!


12 responses to “Echoes Through Time – Page 154: “Heartburn”

  1. So Deserous is able to one shot raid bosses too… Glad he’s not their enemy.
    He should be a own class, so many spells with so many possibilities.


  2. HOLY SMOKES! I missed the bus! I just now discovered you returned Cru. Was a -huge- fan back in the day. It’s great to see you return man. Your comic-making skill has improved dramatically too. Is this your preferred website for commenting? I’m digging your style improvements a lot – Also jaw dropping at how amazing Lora looks too, totally approve of her getting lots of screen time. Glad to see you’re getting comissions too, gotta make some side dough.


    • I’ve dropped Drunk Duck / The Duck, mainly because they don’t allow non-members to comment and you can’t edit the HTML of your page like you used to. It’s harder picking back up and regathering the old fanbase not being hosted on a comic site, but I’m going to look into advertising the comic, possibly through Project Wonderful.


  3. You’ll get it done, Cru. The comic is high quality and it’s only gotten better with the model updates and your skill improvements. Just hang in there, man. You’ve been gone a LONG time, and it’s going to take a bit for people to realize you’re back, but they’ll come.

    Also Drunk Duck was terrible; I’m glad you went your own way with hosting.


    • “Cru can go his own waaaaaay”

      Somehow my skills have improved despite not making the comic for years, or really even doing that much as far as graphic design is concerned. Maybe if I pull a Rip Van Winkle for a few decades I’ll become the Master of WoW Manip Web Comics when I return. The evil demonic glow effect Deserous uses has improved greatly from a few years back.


  4. Now that’s my type of Tyrande.
    Or whoever she is intended to be, it’s a moon well and a night elf, so i’m just gonna go with Tyrande
    All the delicious fanart ❤


    • Negative, but we WILL be seeing Dornaa in the future. Spoiler: She’s tied closely with Salandria and how Deathwing came to reposes the fragment of his scale he used to craft his sword.


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