Echoes Through Time – Page 172: “Drinking Contest”


Cru, still oblivious to the fact his girlfriend is a dragon, is about to come to an abrupt realization when his father Bru spills the beans…

Page made during today’s Twitch livestream. If you’re interested in seeing the comic made come hang out with us next Saturday at noon (CST).


4 responses to “Echoes Through Time – Page 172: “Drinking Contest”

  1. Man, I love these. It’s good to have you back. Really surprised about the lack of attention to this webcomic, as its really high quality in terms of looks, story, and sentence structure. Guess its the big ol’ tiddies and implied bestiality popping out every so often scaring many people off thinking its just a bad porn story?
    Anyway, keep it up!


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