Echoes Through Time – Page 153: “The Black Messenger”

Deathwing's messenger brings an ultimatum for Stormwind, and a gift...

Deathwing’s messenger brings an ultimatum for Stormwind, and a gift…

The black messenger carries an ultimatum from Deathwing: Abandon Stormwind, civilians and soldiers alike, and the citizenry will be allowed to evacuate the city to live out the rest of their short lives running in fear. Refuse, and every man, woman and child will be hunted down and devoured by his dark army.

But the messenger brings something else; the tortured wyrmling Awbee, the blue whelp you might remember from questing in old Blackrock Spire whom you discovered being beaten by two orcs.

12 responses to “Echoes Through Time – Page 153: “The Black Messenger”

  1. The first time I did the new UBRS I was almost moved to tears to see Awbee had survived, grown and remembered me.

    WOOT! naked Saphira!


  2. Involving nudity AND lore in the same comic… Brilliant

    I was pretty damn happy when I saw Awbee grown up in UBRS, but they really did not say anything more about him, just showing up and disappearing after the fight… Kinda disappointing…



    • Luckily he survived his torment, but the blues are not going to be happy to know their stolen whelps are being experimented on and tortured when they’re no longer useful.


  3. I know Cru has some great destiny ahead of him but are we going to see him go badass to defend his friends and loved ones anytime soon. It feels like he’s the sleeping giant and once awoken it will take the warlock, the titty elf and sapphira to control it.


    • Let’s just say the parlay with the black messenger doesn’t go so well and Stormwind gets attacked by a dragon swarm, and that the dwarf in question pulls out a new engineering piece that he’s been keeping in his bags. Think of his Big Fucking Cannon, only improved.


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