Alterac Valley

Cru the dwarf warrior discovers that the Horde are not the only enemies he faces in Alterac Valley. Even allies can turn against you, especially when those allies are PVP bots!

Cru discovers that the Horde are not the only enemies in Alterac Valley. There are also honor-sponging PVP bots.

Introducing the first-ever Cru the Dwarf comic page that started this whole mess legend. Originally intended as a single-page entry into Blizzard’s Comic Contest back in 2008 it soon turned into an ongoing series for guildmembers before becoming a web comic.

I know the quality of my old stuff probably sucks, but trust me when I say things get a lot better as you progress through the comic story and see the visuals (maybe even the writing) get gradually better with each page. Stick around because you might find that reading the comic and pushing through the old stuff turns out to be a rewarding endeavor.

This page alone took nearly 38 hours from start-to-finish as I taught myself how to create a WoW screen manipulation comic using Modelviewer, Mapviewer and Photoshop. Later on that comic creation time would be streamlined to about 8-10 hours average per page depending on complexity.

Let’s see how long Cru’s accent lasts…


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