Echoes Through Time – Page 163: “Tugging”


The wanted poster from way back on page two of the classic series makes a comeback, and with it the shame. It reminds me of a joke…


20 responses to “Echoes Through Time – Page 163: “Tugging”

    • I’ve been unable to do anything graphics-oriented for a few weeks due to a power-hungry graphics card with gummed fan bearings. I finally got a replacement card that doesn’t run 95+*C when the system is idle, and Photoshop loves the quadruple amount of VRAM, so a heavy-chested Lora for the holidays would be a good kick-off for breaking in the new video card.


  1. Imo Lora needs more spotlight time in the comic, always fun when she gets into sexy silly shenanigans. Although I’m sure you’re already busy with her on… Other projects. Just Imo anyway! 🙂


  2. Hey all, Cru here. WordPress is being pretty cool and sending an account verification code to my old broken phone, so I can’t login and update the comic. I’m dealing with a lot of stuff right now, but hopefully I’ll be back around April 20th. I might just have to migrate to a new website – One of my own where I can host both my fan service works as well as my full comic. Sorry for the inconvenience and delay everyone >_<;


    • It’s okay. I have just been wasting (using) my time, revisiting the agony of (Rereading) your comic. I took a massive dump (left a few) comments that i need (hope) to get answered, and i am (not) angry about this delay. I will kill you if you don’t (i hope you will) read this and get of yo fat arse (Take your time with the comic) and make some new pages! Hope the passive-aggresiveness combined with sillyness and pure honesty didn’t confuse you, “GOLDEN EYE”, see ya.


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