Echoes Through Time – Page 150: “Seduction”

Lora's shadow resistance isn't high enough to cause Katharine's seduction to fail.

Lora’s shadow resistance isn’t high enough to cause Katharine’s seduction to fail.

Cru the Dwarf: Now with 70% more deviancy and fan service. Lora and Katharine are really hitting things off and page 151 promises to be even more deviant. We’re not quite at Game of Thrones level yet, but that might change in the next page…

How about that elf ass, though?

Those of you who played a warlock in the vanilla days of WoW will remember you actually had to quest to get your demons, and the succubus required a heart to summon & subdue.

12 responses to “Echoes Through Time – Page 150: “Seduction”

  1. Interesting detail on the succubus heart. Oh how I miss the old demon quests. Getting to the barrens to get that damn felhunter…

    And i’m pretty sure this is just Lora’s obvious hidden sexual side that she hides from Cru that is coming out. No succubus powers here. Nope.


  2. Sometimes a get the shiziezt boner when reading your comic… Other times i get nausea and it just feels like i could puke as much vomit that it dwarfed the atlantic ocean in size.


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