Echoes Through Time – Page 146: “Baby Bump”

Three at once? Cru has hit the jackpot. Too bad he's totally unaware they're dragons...

Three at once? Cru has hit the jackpot! Too bad he’s totally unaware they’re dragons…

As you may recall, back on page 109 it was alluded to that Sapphira had become pregnant after her night with Cru in Mazthoril. Now it appears there’s the outline of an egg in the baby bump Sapphira keeps hidden when shape-shifted into her elf form.

How exactly does a dwarf get a dragon pregnant? Isn’t there some sort of huge genetic difference that would cause them to be incompatible? I guess you’ll find out how soon enough in the coming pages…


13 responses to “Echoes Through Time – Page 146: “Baby Bump”

  1. I’m fairly impressed by how little excitement Cru seems to show….
    Usually when there are breasts involved, he cant even seem to hold more then a second before he gets punched by someone, at least Lora.
    Now he is just kinda “I have no idea what’s going on anymore”
    Performance anxiety ruins everything!


  2. So long time reader and so happy to see this comic come back after so long. when is the next comic dropping?
    are you taking a break to rebuild some pages?


    • Real life has taken up my week, so sadly I wasn’t able to get to make my unofficial Wednesday update. I’m hoping to get a new page out by Monday.


  3. CRU! Where have you been, man?! I’ve been keeping track on Drunk Duck for YEARS hoping to see you’d started back up, and now here you are! Welcome back to the webcomic world, friend! You have been sorely, sorely missed! I’m glad you were able to come back after your previous issues years back! Looking forward to lots and lots more, brother!


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