Echoes Through Time – Page 162: “You Bearded Slut”

Sex with dragons isn't normal, but on meth it is.

Sex with dragons isn’t normal, but on meth it is.

Has Cru’s lippy father made an appearance after his long absence since last being seen way back on page 107 “Wrinkled Prunes”? Probably. Imagine the confrontation between a pissed-off dwarf father and son. Now discard that, because it’s going to be worse – like Azeroth’s own Jerry Springer.


Echoes Through Time – Page 107: “Wrinkled Prunes”

Considering the home Cru grew up in it's not surprising he is the way he is.

Considering the home Cru grew up in it’s not surprising he is the way he is.

Beware of horny grannies touting crossbows. Also beware of them getting fondled and oiled-up by elves. In all fairness Bru didn’t call her a prune again.

Echoes Through Time – Page 103: “Proclaiming”

I would walk 500 miles.

I would walk 500 miles, but I’m too lazy.

It’s Cru’s papa! Already I can feel the love. You may notice some similarities between Cru and his father, what with them both being dwarfs with beards. Looks like that toy zeppelin Cru lost ahold of after getting punched in the nuts page 46 had a homing device built-in similar to those of the mechanical chicken escorts scattered around Azeroth.

“I’m Gonna Be” belongs to The Proclaimers and is not my creation. Not familiar with the song? Watch the music video on Youtube. There’s also the Family Guy version which is great.