Echoes Through Time – Page 169: “MILF”

Panel_169_FinishedDeserous is anything but tactful.

After having the previous version of WoW Modelviewer crash when loading the game files, now the new Alpha 13 release is out and loads without error! Waaa-hooo!


Echoes Through Time – Page 167: “Poop Gnome”


I’m the little gnome that’s in your dreams. – Beastie Boys “Remote Control”

Looks like the gnome that Malum passed on page 144 has survived his ordeal and still desires a dungeon run. Lora, being left behind as everyone else wanders off to their own side adventures, has decided to do a bit of charity work and run the lowbie through a dungeon. Let’s see how this goes…

After accidentally deleting the WoW installation I used for WoW Model Viewer it seems the latest MV alpha release for Legion is working enough that I can return to making the comic. Woot!

Echoes Through Time – Page 165: “Hold Yer Booze”


Cru’s father Bru drags his son off to the nearest Stormwind speakeasy with Sapphira tailing closely behind. Hopefully a slightly (or seriously) inebriated state will help this dysfunctional family come together and reach mutual understanding. What happens when you combine booze with a dragon and two dwarfs? Who knows – try theorycrafting Cru’s obscure mind and come up with something of your own!